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Hello. My name is Nicola A. Menzie. I am a religion reporter who writes on the intersection of race, culture, and Christianity. I am also the founder and publisher of Faithfully Magazine (, a news and culture publication centering on Christian communities of color. My work has appeared or been mentioned in such outlets as The Washington Post, Christianity Today, the Religion News Service, The Christian Post, CBS News,, and elsewhere.

About the Newsletter

I originally launched “News With Nicola” as a podcast on in 2021. However, I have now transitioned “News With Nicola” to a multimedia newsletter format here on Substack. The video and audio elements I produced for the podcast will remain a regular feature of this newsletter.

My goal with “News With Nicola” is to help readers stay on top of important developments in the news, especially as it pertains to current events impacting Christian communities of color.

In addition to sifting through headlines and pulling out maybe one or two major developments to focus on, I’ll occasionally be getting personal, too. That means I’ll be giving you my two cents on certain topics and things that I find interesting. And, of course, there will be guests. Experts and people plugged into certain situations and movements who can really break down why certain issues and events are a big deal and need our attention, and maybe in some cases, our involvement.

“News With Nicola” is not a culture war podcast or a sleepy news round-up or filled with fear-mongering talking points. I don’t want to get you riled up and paranoid. I simply want to help keep you informed and inspired. That’s why the motto is “real, relevant, and faithful.”

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Religion reporter Nicola A. Menzie talks news, culture and entertainment, and with the occasional special guest about tough and timely topics impacting Christian communities of color. Video and audio podcasts included.


Nicola A. Menzie

I write and report on issues related to race, culture, and Christianity.